Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Obama: The Graphic Designer's Candidate

I was watching reruns of the saliva-monster Chris Matthews interview Barack Obama on the "Hardball College Tour".

I've been mostly for Obama since John Edwards dropped out... but tonight "Osama-bama" sealed the deal for me. He had the good sense to pander to the creative engine of the American marketplace - the graphic designers!

While discussing the need to provide schoolkids with mentoring for future careers, Sen. Obama used the example of a student interested in art that could learn from a professional graphic designer.

Bravo, Senator!
His preacher can go bananas for all I care, he's the first presidential candidate I've heard acknowledge America's design industry.

Art is an important intellectual aspect of any culture & it's a vital resource that cannot be outsourced. To have a President intelligent enough to even recognize that fact alone would be a godsend.

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