Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Imaging the Microscopic World

One of my best friends, who I've known since 1st grade, is currently in med school in NYC. He came back around recently & we always talk in depth about scientific topics. We were discussing the crazy things that happen in the small scales of microbiology.

On of the most underrated uses of the computer is as a visualization tool. Digital media can allow us to conceptualize processes existing on levels that we can't directly perceive.

I thought the animation in this TED talk by Drew Berry, showing the molecular workings within our own cells, was pretty mind-blowing.

Since I'm talking about small-scale phenomena, I'll also post this almost surreal video of tiny organisms in water.

Even though the narrator talks like some kind of robotic alien, the video of the microscopic creatures is amazing.  Turn off the sound & put on Groove Salad instead.

It makes me wonder... what in the world is going on with this very weird thing we call "Life"?!?!

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inspection microscopes said...

This is a great presentation.. sometimes microscopic world are the same on the macro world or in the real world..