Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to Life: Post-mortem Software

I saw this interesting thought experiment on Neatorama:

There are many people who might welcome the chance to use something like an Apple iThink or a similar brain implant to augment their consciousness.

However, as this video shows, there would many unintended consequences & logistical issues that people can't even begin to imagine yet.

If technology progressed to a point that one's mental processes could somehow be enhanced or extended beyond physical death, I hope it wouldn't be encumbered by such banalities as legal agreements or advertisements.

Unfortunately, it's possible that by digitizing their consciousness in order to preserve it in perpetuity, people would be subjecting themselves to an infinite virtual prison sentence.

Of course, absolutely nobody knows whether death is a permanent "lights out"- or a gateway to another state of existence... so that's the gamble one would have to take.

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