Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poconos 2012 Photos

From Poconos 2012

I've uploaded some pics from my recent week in the Poconos.

Photo Album

They are mostly nature pics & shot of the amazing mountain scenery. The lake we stay on always has stunning sunsets, in pastel or golden colors.

The first day we were there, we went to Jim Thorpe, PA & took the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. Then we walked around the town, visiting the many neat shops there. I met an artist in one art gallery who showed me some decorative furniture he had in storage with the Flower of Life motif on them.

Early in the week we also went to the flea market I talked about in my last post.

Although I didn't go on any long mountain hikes this year, we did take a short hike to one of my favorite scenic places, Hawk Falls, in Hickory Run State Park. There is a picturesque waterfall at the bottom of the trail & we did some diving into the ice cold mountain water.

There are also some pics of the ridiculous shish kebab feast my brother grilled one night. We ate 10lbs+ of steak, chicken & shrimp kebabs.

The fishing was pretty good & I usually went out by myself on a kayak. One night, I was kayaking alone on the lake & fishing from dinner until after midnight. There was no moon, so it was dark, perfectly quiet & a wonderfully peaceful time out on the water.

My family always has a great time on vacation & this trip was no exception.

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