Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meditation on Life & Death

As a college design student, I created an interesting booth for my senior show.

One part of my exhibit was the hand-crafted prototype of the game, based on the Flower of Life, which became "Da Vinci's Challenge™".

In another part of my exhibit, I had graphic art & found items, accompanied by meditative quotes. At the time, I had begun to explore Eastern spiritual philosophies which expanded my perspective greatly.

For instance, I smashed a porcelain laughing buddha, with the quote: "If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha!"

One quote that was used with the Death Buddha I made below, & which I reflect on almost daily, was this:

"Of All Mindfulness Meditations, 
That on Impermanence and Death is Supreme."


I recently came across this painting, which initiated this post. It pictures a monk visualizing the process of bodily decay after death:

Although revulsive for many to think about, it is important to expose yourself to the natural cycle that follows the departure of life force from the body.

In addition to preparing the mind for its point of departure, meditating on the reality of Death should be meant to give you a greater appreciation for Life... right now!

Fully grasping the inescapable, impermanent nature of our existence should make any person eager to completely fulfill each precious moment they experience.

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