Sunday, September 09, 2012

Interview with Alex Grey

This weekend my brother sent me a link to this interview with the master visionary artist, Alex Grey:
Reality Sandwich

The article describes his unique style of art very well:

"Grey's work features a rare alchemy of science and spirituality, 
where anatomically precise human bodies interweave 
with profound kaleidoscopic mystical experiences."

Alex Grey & his transcendental visions have inspired me for many years. His work never stops instilling a sense of wonder about the profound mysteries of reality & the human body.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

I had the privilege to talk to him & his wife Allyson after one of his multimedia lectures in Philadelphia back in 2005. It was amazing to meet someone whose work I admired so greatly. 

He signed the picture, called "Painting", at the top of this post, which I still have it on my desk at work.

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