Sunday, April 14, 2013

Terence McKenna & The Artist's Calling

I have posted about the late, great 'Crazy Wisdom' master, Terence McKenna, here before. He passed from his monkey body in 2000, but he still continues to inspire & expand the consciousness of wisdom seekers today.

After a little research, I found out that the graphic below was made using the visionary art of Mark Henson. It features one of my favorite McKenna quotes:

"The artist's task is to save the soul of mankind.
If artists cannot find the way, 
then the way cannot be found."

Here is the partial quote, from Terence himself.

That clip is from a longer (but worthwhile) talk about the significance of art:

I also came across this excellent clip- in which Terence talks about the shamanic calling of artists & others with creative vision.  

The ultimate goal of both art & science is continual investigation of the Universe's infinite mystery.

 Here is the entire video of that talk:

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