Friday, April 05, 2013

Messages From Our "Cosmic Friends"

I recently came across a true Internet gem, which features some of my favorite things:  conspiracy theories, aliens, & (most of all) crazy graphic design:

I highly recommend bookmarking this page, and exploring the wealth of information & awesome imagery on the website.

Basically, it seems to be a channel for communication from benevolent alien beings. It is also meant to warn against humans being eventually "chipped," with a computer implant like the "Apple iThink" I came up with:

Monkey Buddha Archives:

Apparently, being "chipped" will allow evil aliens to exert complete control over humanity. These malevolent beings, called "Saurions" seem to be the same kind of entities David Icke calls "Reptilian Shape-shifters".

Of course, the way to defeat these negative forces is through the usual means- self-awareness, cosmic consciousness, love, intelligence, etc.

Regardless of the legitimacy of it all, I can appreciate the effort that it took to create all the absurdly intriguing graphics featured on the site.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

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