Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Mind Control"

Recently while reading, I started to think about the fact that the words echoing in my head were someone else's thoughts...

Through the symbolic transfer of language, specifically the written word, you can transfer the internal dialogue from inside your head into the mind of another person.

I wrote a short dialogue, a conscious manipulation of the voice inside YOUR head, & then made the graphic below.

Click to enlarge:


"Oh my God.
Whoever wrote this is inside my mind...

I'm now thinking in my head,
everything he has intended to be there.

My eyes are flowing along,
reading these thoughts, which are not my own...

They are being placed there, intentionally,
& seemingly for the writer's own amusement!
I'm just a pawn, being led by these words-
to some unknown end.

Is this meant to prove how dependent I am 
on the influence of others?
...or does it demonstrate how easily 
my attention can be manipulated?

It is clear,
I have allowed my mind
to fall under someone else's control.

by the end of this sentence,
my mind 
will be set FREE..."

by The Monkey Buddha

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