Monday, September 16, 2013

Bad Packaging- Header Cards

As a graphic designer, I've been fortunate to work on product & packaging design for some of the biggest brands and licenses in the world.

I consider myself to have an eye for good design- but I'm also very amused by the endless examples of horrible art on packages.

Sometimes, if I'm in a dollar store or a flea market, I like to check out the bad design on the shoddy imported items.

Here are a couple examples of why good graphic design can't be outsourced to people working in a different culture for cheap:

Return to Big Nature Feelings!"

 seen on fusion anomalog

Quality Products 
"Pet Thing"

seen on The Chive

Some more examples from The Monkey Buddha Archives:

•  "Sense of Right Alliance" Action Figures 

•  Specialman! 


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