Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Colbert Report: "Not a Game" Government Shutdown Game

The Colbert Report is one of the few shows on TV that I consider required viewing. I've been watching since the 1st episode, & Stephen delivers consistently brilliant satire on the current state of affairs.

As can be expected, he's had a field day with all the absurdity surrounding the 2013 Government Shutdown.

The other night, he had this awesome segment that combined some of my favorite topics- politics, humor, and games!

He introduces some 'Government Shutdown' board games, such as
• "Operation: Denied Due to Pre-Existing Condition"
• "Not Sorry!"

Then, he plays the patently ridiculous, yet depressingly accurate, "Not a Game: The Government Shutdown Home Game" - based on the shenanigans surrounding the standoff around 'Obamacare' & the government shutdown.

The Colbert Report
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