Friday, December 13, 2013

Flying Dream

Last weekend, I took a nice afternoon nap, & had a dream where I was flying.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

Luckily, I've trained myself to remember my dreams. I've experienced 'dream flight' several times before, & each time it's like riding a bike. It feels a little weird at first, as you get used to mentally propelling yourself off the ground. Then, you can go higher & faster until you're soaring into the atmosphere.. if you can handle it.

This dream took place at my parents' house. There was a BBQ in the backyard, with a lot of family & friends there. I suddenly realized that I was in a dream & able to fly. I was showing the kids how I was hovering by propelling invisible energy out of my hands, like Iron Man. Then,

I started flying up at the tops of the trees around the house. I was baffled, though, because nobody there seemed too impressed that I was doing this amazing feat! I decided to leave the party, so I started flying away really fast, straight through the trees in the woods... & that's the last thing I remember.

*On a related note, I was reading a Reddit post about the idea that your mind is processing crazy scenarios all throughout your sleep, but the dreams that you remember are basically quickly compiled in the process of waking up.

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