Friday, February 14, 2014

"Da Vinci's Challenge"- Toy Fair Announcement

Back in my days as a college student, I created the award-winning visual strategy game, "Da Vinci's Challenge™."

This is a timeless game- which encompasses mankind's history, creativity, and sense of mystery. I've posted about it many times on this blog:

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

The game board is the beautiful circular symbol, known as 'The Flower of Life'- an eye-catching pattern of interlocking circles. This geometric design has been known to artists & thinkers throughout history. It was carved onto ancient Egyptian temples, & it was even studied in depth by the game's namesake, Leonardo da Vinci!

Play is simple enough for anyone to learn- but offers endless strategy, to challenge the most dedicated gamers.

Each player uses the shapes in their color (ovals & triangles), to create 'Secret Symbols'. These are configurations that resemble familiar icons- such as a Pyramid, Eye, Flower, and Star.  Each 'Secret Symbol' has a point value that depends on the difficulty to complete it.  The player who scores the most points by the end of the game wins, & becomes the Master of Da Vinci's Challenge!

I originally created "Da Vinci's Challenge" for a senior project, when I was a graphic design major. The original version was hand-made from stone pieces, a copper board, & a wooden case. I eventually pitched it to a client who published board games.

It was first released in 2005, and has won some of the top awards in the toy industry- including the Oppenheim Platinum Award & the Mensa Mind Games Select award.

After a hiatus over the past few years, a brand-new edition of "Da Vinci's Challenge" is on track to make a comeback, in the Fall of this year. It will be featured this month at the 2014 Toy Fair in the Javitz Center, NYC, at Booth #2507 for Briarpatch Toys.

I will be posting updates here in the coming months, and you can also visit the official Facebook page with news & related material:

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