Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

50 years ago, The Beatles came to America & performed on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.

This was an event that truly made music history & has influenced people ever since, whether they know it or not. From an early age, my Dad, Big Paul, impressed upon me the greatness of The Beatles & their music. Half a century after he saw this live on TV, with so many millions of other people, I was with my Dad watching The Beatles Grammy special tonight.  It was an excellent tribute to this legendary band.

It's clear that this 1st appearance of The Fab Four in America defined the baby boomer generation, almost as much as the Moon landing or any other event. They not only changed the musical landscape of the time, but also had a huge effect on pop culture in general. They would go on, in their relatively short career, to break all kinds of ground in creative & technical artistry.

Anyone with any music knowledge recognizes The Beatles as the greatest band of all time. Their impact on the world cannot be overstated, and their genius will be apparent for as long as their music endures. 


Here is a video of all their legendary appearances on the Ed Sullivan show:

It's hard to pick out favorites among The Beatles many great songs, but here are a couple of mine:
"In My Life"
"Within You, Without You"

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