Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Generic and Overused Logos

As a graphic artist, one of the most difficult challenges is coming up with original designs.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

The phrase "There's nothing new under the sun" sometimes feels all too true. You may think you have an original approach to a design, but with some research you may also find that something very similar has already been done.

On the other hand, graphic design is often a synthesis of existing concepts & elements, so it's good to be familiar with common approaches & conventions to dealing with design problems.

I saw this page on the Internet Archive that demonstrates some common looks and treatments of logos in corporate branding.

This is a guide on what to avoid when designing a logo, but it could also help with using elements that could be applied to more unique approaches.

For example, I'm posting the groups of logos using trees (above) & a 3D spherical element (below), but there are many more sets of similar logos shown at the linked page:

Internet Archive:

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