Thursday, January 22, 2015

Star Wars Paintings by Vanderstelt Studio

I have been a lifelong fan of the Star Wars saga.

I'm eagerly anticipating Episode VII being released this year. We'll see whether Disney rejecting George Lucas's involvement turns out to be a good move, but considering their handling of Marvel properties, it looks promising.

Despite the hate for the prequels, the existing 6 movies are timeless works of art that are an inescapable part of our cultural legacy.

I recently discovered amazing paintings of the Star Wars characters by Vanderstelt Studio.

Vanderstelt Studio:

I'd recommend checking out the whole page, but here a couple of my favorites:

"Knight of Passage"
Luke Skywalker uses his Force powers 
to create a new lightsaber with green blade.

The centuries-old Jedi master quietly contemplates the Force
in the Dagobah swamp.

Darth Vader burns with the memories of his love for Padme Amidala
and the physical scars from his immolation on Mustafar.

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