Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5023

I saw that NASA recently released yet another awesome Hubble image.

It is a view of the edge of a spiral galaxy, named NGC 5023. It is over 30 million light years away from us.  Click the link for full resolution images:


Astronomers have counted about 30,000 stars in this photo, but it is only a fraction of the millions of stars that this galaxy likely contains. It looks like there's a lot of stars in this image, but most of them are actually too faint to be seen, even by the Hubble telescope.

When I look into a photo like this, my mind reels at the immensity and vastness of our cosmos.

This galaxy alone has millions of stars, probably billions of planets, and countless other bodies & features... and it is only one single galaxy, out of 100 billion.

We are each a point of consciousness in this endless sea of creation, manifesting out of the practically infinite fractal Universe.

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