Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slaughter Beach Spider

Last week, my family was on our annual summer vacation at Slaughter Beach in Delaware.

My family are experts at vacationing & relaxing. I started out the vacation by going with my girlfriend to visit her family in Avalon, NJ for the weekend. On Monday, we took the Cape May Ferry to Lewes, Delaware and drove to Slaughter Beach, where my family was staying.

It was a great week and we all enjoyed ourselves. I love sitting on the beach, running by the marshes, watching the sky at sunset, then making a beach fire pit in the sand under the stars. Being in nature is what I enjoy the most.

Nature can also be creepy, though. On the last day of vacation, my brother Joe almost ran into this large spider which had trapped a butterfly in its web. I added it to my album of nature photos.

by Paul Micarelli

"Slaughter Beach" definitely lived up to it's name in the case of this spider & its unfortunate butterfly prey.

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