Sunday, August 02, 2015

Wild Weekend

I love nature & being outdoors. Even though my house is near a highway, there is also a lake & wooded areas. I see a lot of wild animals around my house & in my other travels, so I decided to make an album of all the nature photos I've taken.

by Paul Micarelli

I started the album off with some pics of a bunch of different animals that I saw right on my back patio this weekend. I felt like it was an episode of National Geographic.

On Saturday, I noticed movement outside my window & saw a family of wild turkeys walking behind my house. There were two adults & two little ones. They walked a little into the woods, and I saw the adults fly into the trees.

Yesterday, I saw this groundhog peeking out from my woodpile, then he came out to nibble on leaves while standing on his hind legs.

There are always rabbits running through my yard. I saw this one through my sliding glass door.
Finally, I was visiting my good friend Dr. Phil, who was in town this weekend. While I was sitting by his pool talking & having some afternoon beers, this praying mantis crawled on my leg. I picked it up by his leg to move him & it started attacking my finger.

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