Monday, October 19, 2015

Small World Photography 2015

The invention of the microscope opened up a new level of reality that was previously outside the realm of human perception.

Since then, we have been continuously expanding our boundaries of experience, using tools that help us to understand reality at different scales and in different modes. It's possible to see things that people in previous times not only were unable to see, but were unable to even imagine.

I've posted before about the Nikon Small World photography contest. It is a contest that combines science and art, with entries of photos which show fascinating images of mostly biological systems & phenomena in the microscopic realm.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

On Neatorama, I saw the winners of this years contest. The winner was this awesome closeup image of the compound eye of a honey bee, covered in particles of pollen.

To see the other images, check out the site for the contest:

Nikon's Small World

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