Thursday, October 08, 2015

Third Party Politics

In my last post, I expressed some of my thoughts about the 2016 Presidential Race.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

Although I tend to have progressive views & identify with priorities of Democrats more than Republicans (who, I feel, as a party have gone completely crazy), I am personally registered to vote as an Independent.

I refuse to align myself with any party or ideology, because I prefer to make my own conclusions about the issues facing our country & our world.  I'd encourage other people to stop identifying with a particular political party & think for themselves. This poster I saw on Tumblr sums up my thoughts pretty well on the subject of party politics:

American politics has been crippled by the two-party system, and any attempt to run as a third party candidate results in being a spoiler for one of the other parties. It's explained well in this video, using animals to illustrate the screwed-up dynamics of our election process:

If the day ever comes where people in the U.S. muster the collective will to force change upon our system of elections, we will need to overhaul the way we vote. This video, also by CGP Grey, describes how to change the process using the "Alternative Vote" so that we are no longer locked in to the D vs. R dichotomy:


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