Friday, March 18, 2016

Future of Food: Reducing Waste

Photo: City Fruit

I've been posting a series exploring one of the most necessary aspects of our survival, as individuals & as a species- How are we going to produce food for coming generations?

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

A huge factor in the effort to feed the people of this planet is the enormous amount of food we collectively waste.

National Geographic:

I've been in convenience stores & markets and seen the amount of food that is thrown away. The fact there are people going hungry while all this edible food is discarded is simply absurd.

Personally, I produce relatively little waste and try to recycle more material than I throw in the garbage. If everyone did this on an individual basis it would be a positive thing, but a large percentage of food waste is commercial. 

Fortunately, there are governments, as well as companies and supermarkets, that are trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary loss of usable food products. It is great news that some private stores are implementing plans to solve this problem, but this is one of those situations that is big enough to warrant involvement on a national scale.

Here some encouraging initiatives being taken to prevent and reverse the trend of waste that has existed in the various food industries:


The Telegraph:

Voice of America:


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