Thursday, March 24, 2016

Interspecies Space Travel with Dolphins

I'm a sponge for visual novelty. I love seeing things that are new, strange, or thought-provoking. For some reason, this image I saw on Rude Mechanicals stuck out in it's awesomeness.

There have already been other animals in space, but the idea of a dolphin floating with humans in a water-filled spacesuit is an amazing concept.

It looks like the title is (surprise!) "Dolphins in Space" by Richard J. Bartrop.

If we are to become a spacefaring species, we will have to create ways to bring other life (plant, animal, & fungal) along for the journey. Humanity cannot exist in a vacuum, both literally & figuratively.

I just noticed that the dolphin's suit has mechanical arms, which it's using to grasp the cable/tether. Perhaps we will find similarly outlandish solutions to enable other creatures to help us in various ways, instead of just being along for the ride.  Then we can have a truly cooperative interspecies exploration of our Universe.

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