Monday, April 18, 2016

1975 Montgomery Ward Catalog

My girlfriend's parents buy all kinds of things at auctions & sell them on eBay. They always have interesting items circulating through their garage. Since I love novelty & seeing things I've never seen, I always ask them to show me their newest finds.

This catalog from the 1970's was sitting on their counter, so I started looking at it. I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through and seeing all the crazy designs & styles from the decade in which I was born.

The fashion and artistic sense of that time was probably the most horrendous & ridiculous that humanity has ever experienced.

However, there were still a lot of cool things going on in 70's, including my creation! When I was looking through the catalog, I recognized things from my childhood, so I took a few pics, to show my brothers & sister. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get better scans of more pages. Luckily the internet has already done it:

This Playskool McDonald's Toy Playset was one of the very few toys my grandmother had at her house. She kept it in a cylindrical wicker storage bin, in the corner of her living room with some cars & other random things.

I had a few of these super figures that were more like dolls than action figures that are common today. I love the Joker telling Wonder Woman, as he's getting roped up: "They should never have given you the right to vote!"  Totally pre-PC...

Finally, I took this to post the monkey masks in the "Planet of the Apes" set. It's basically a page of realistic toy guns, every kid's dream arsenal.

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