Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Monkey Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

The interface between biological and cybernetic systems is becoming more interconnected.

I saw an article about a study that was done by Duke University, testing the integration of brain & computers. Although I disapprove of animals being used in lab experiments, this is an undeniably fascinating development.


In this study, a monkey in an electronic wheelchair was able to navigate around a room, using an interface directly with its brain.

This will eventually lead to mechanical means of movement that will allow paralyzed people to regain movement. It will also result in unforeseen consequences of developing a brain-computer interface.

The lab of Dr. Miguel Nicolelis is also conducting experiments in rats to establish brain-to-brain sharing of sensory information, and also an interconnected "brain network".

This work is amazing & somewhat frightening in its implications. It is the groundwork for creating a technology similar to my concept for an "Apple iThink"- in which human minds are connected & augmented through electronic implants.

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