Saturday, May 07, 2016

Chakra Light Animation

On Awakening Our Truth, I saw this animated GIF of one of artist Alex Grey's paintings- showing a meditator with the colored areas of the chakras lit up. The chakras are a conceptual system of naming the energy centers in the body. The clear white light is coming from the pineal gland in the brain, a mysterious light-sensitive organ that is traditionally associated with the mystical third eye.

Our scientific & medical experts would say these chakra energy centers don't really exist. However, despite all their benefits, the institutions of science & medicine have been completely wrong about many things. There is probably a correspondence to these theoretical locations and actual aspects of the anatomy, such as nerve bundles and major organs.

I think the energetic aspects of the body are a vital aspect of our whole being. We tend to concentrate on the physical aspects of health & disease. How energy flows through our body & mind is usually an overlooked aspect of our overall state. Even if the chakra areas & colors don't have an existence that is verifiable by current science, it is an important visualization tool. Perhaps focusing on these areas can cause a feedback loop of positive physiological and psychological effects. There are many secrets the human body has yet to reveal...

Awhile ago, I made a metaphorical series of images, based on the chakra system. It is available as a free PDF ebook, and my post about the series is here:

by Paul Micarelli 

I also made this animated GIF, that cycles through the stages of "Chakra Ascension".

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