Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Chakra Ascension" Series by Paul Micarelli

In 2003, I created seven 3D images that I intended to be a series.

 Image Gallery:
by Paul Micarelli

The images show a solitary, meditating figure in different environments. Each setting corresponds to the ancient metaphysical energy system within the body, known as "chakras".

I am not a skilled chakra meditation practitioner, so I approached this as a metaphorical work of art. I've finally decided to post the "Chakra Ascension" series, for other people to contemplate.

Now that I've posted all the individual entries, this is a recap of the entire series.

*In addition, I've made the series into a free e-book, in PDF format, that anyone can download:

Please click on the link for each chakra level, to see the text of its individual description:

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