Friday, March 31, 2017

Donald Grump the Grouch

 Since my last post was dumping on Trump, I'll share this gem I saw on Reddit.

I used to watch Sesame Street as a kid, and Oscar the Grouch was always my favorite character. In 2005 the show apparently created a Grouch based on Donald Trump, who was hosting "The Apprentice" at the time.

I think the depiction is pretty spot on - from the pettiness, egotism, and delight in having his name plastered on all kinds of garbage, it seems just like the real-life Donald!

"I'm Donald Grump 
and I have more trash than ALL of you, 
so nyeh-nyeh-nyenye-nyeh!"

There was speculation that maybe PBS was on the chopping block for fund from the federal budget because of this blow to Trump's ego, by a bunch of fellow puppets. However, I think their funding is really being cut (along with other federal grants for the arts) simply because this administration is a vile gang of culture-less vulgarians.

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