Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump Tower of Babel

One of the countless ways that President Trump has been embarrassing the majority of people in this country is through his constant, inane Twitter posts.

To Trump & his followers, his private Twitter account feels like a way to directly connect and speak to the people. It could very well be a great tool for mass communication, if it weren't coming from an ego-maniacal man-baby. Unfortunately for all of us, it usually comes off as a continual stream of mental diarrhea... unhinged ramblings, deflections from his various daily scandals, childish insults, and just heaps of absolute bullshit that stink up the Internet.

One of the main symbols of the Trump empire is the skyscraper in NYC that was his base of operations during the campaign- Trump Tower. This building reminded me of the biblical Tower of Babel, where man's hubris led to its division. After trying to create a structure that reached to the heavens, God divided man by causing them to speak in different languages. Hence, the term "babble" for nonsense words that can't be understood.

So, inspired yet again by our President to create a graphic, I made this "Trump Tower of Babel". The great tower of pride & ego reaches to the sky, ending in Trump's bulbous head spouting out an endless supply of ridiculous tweets. His self-centered proclamations cause deep division among the people, just like in the Bible story. We have yet to see how much destruction his hubris & babbling ultimately causes.

Click the image for a larger version, where you can see some of the most absurd tweets in all their shameful detail.

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