Thursday, July 20, 2017

Poconos 2017- Flea Market Finds

My family goes on vacation every year to either the Jersey Shore or the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. This year, we stayed at Big Bass Lake in the Poconos.

We usually start the week off by going to the giant Blue Ridge Flea Market on Sunday morning. There are seemingly endless tables of random crap, & plenty of interesting characters for people-watching.

My sister started a "Flea Market Finds" game- where we try to find the funniest, most bizarre, or craziest item for under $5.00.

My pick was a set of "Fore-Playing Cards". My fiancé is bewildered about why I always have to choose things with sexual themes for this game, but they are usually the funniest items I see.

I'll post some of the other crazy finds below, but check out the album for more:

Photo Album:

This was my pick for the game, "Fore-Playing Cards" 

 Weed-tarded Shot Glass

A weird metal sun sculpture?

"Don't Ask Me For Shit" hat

 A bearded wizard mannequin head, with Michael Jackson's face. 
Next to the obligatory Nazi sword.

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