Monday, July 24, 2017

Poconos 2017- Nature Photos

I added some photos to my album, of animals and natural landscapes that I took while on vacation in the Poconos.

by Paul Micarelli

The weather was rainy a lot of the week, but I still managed to get outside enough to see sunsets over the lakes, animals, and the beauty of the natural environment in the mountains.

 This large dragonfly was sitting on the screen window. 
The wings had a cool combo of camo & cell textures

I was able to snap a photo of this water snake as he swam past the dock.
 This dragonfly had hit the window and was injured. 
My nephew & I put him in the woods, hoping he would eventually recover.

I saw these fuzzy clusters of flowers on the Davis Trail in Scranton, PA.

A waterfall on the Davis Trail in Scranton, PA.

This blue heron was walking past the beach behind our house.

Sunset over Lake Harmony

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