Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Yesterday, I was able to watch the solar eclipse as the moon's path crossed in front of the sun. It's one of the cosmic events that is able to capture everyone's attention.

The last major eclipse I saw was a lunar one, where the Earth's shadow turned the moon blood red.

Unfortunately, I'm in NJ & we weren't in the path of the totality, where the entire sun is covered and the sky goes dark. However, it was still cool to see (through special glasses) the shadow of the moon as it slowly worked it's way past the sun's disc.

Here is a photo of me looking super cool in my eclipse glasses. I had absolutely no equipment to photograph the event properly, so I tried to take a pic with my phone through the filtered glasses lenses, but it didn't work very well since the moon's shadow wasn't visible at all.

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