Monday, October 09, 2017

Byzantium 1200

One of the amazing things that digital technology has given humanity is the ability to virtually travel through time & space.

I have posted before about the use of 3D modeling & virtual reality to reconstruct ancient cities. We are approaching the point where we will have photo-realistic, fully-populated recreations of locations that we can explore like we were really there.

Although I don't play video games anymore, the Assassin's Creed games were awesome because they let you visualize what these historic environments would have been like- better than reading about it or seeing a still picture.

I came across this website on the fascinating subreddit r/papertowns, which features drawings & reconstructions of pre-industrial cities. It is a project called Byzantium 1200 that focuses on creating a comprehensive 3D model of ancient Istanbul, Turkey.

The creators of this project also have a website with a 3D reconstruction of Babylon.

Perhaps one day, there will be something similar, or part of, Google Earth, where these virtual cities will be mapped over their actual locations & you can pick the time period you want to experience.

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