Monday, August 01, 2005

Atrios uses my logo design...

& posts a link for Da Vinci's Challenge!!!
is one of the most popular online political blogs-
& I got a nice free plug for Da Vinci's Challenge!

Check out the post
about my logo design & Da Vinci's Challenge!!!

Duncan Black, aka Atrios,
is a former economist from Philly who writes the blog.
He is on the forefront of the emerging internet media
that is revolutionizing politics, news, and public discourse.

He's been making big news lately with all the talk about
the growing importance of blogs & the web as new media.
A Philadelphia Magazine article about Atrios from last year
An article about blogs in the Philly Inquirer

• I was thrilled to check my email & see he chose a logo I designed & sent him for his website!
• I was floored to see that, in return, he gave Da Vinci's Challenge a post with a link!!!

This is big deal to me because Eschaton has a large readership which is smart, critically-thinking and a great source of positive word of mouth for DV'sC. When I clicked on his site meter, it showed 60,000+ visitors to his website on that day!

The logo I designed is at the very top of the webpage, and looks pretty cool, I must say. ;-)


Savannah Licious said...


hey, whats been happening this summer? Congradulations on your game! Your gonna be rich some day! I miss hangining out with ya! Have fun at the Poconos!....GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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