Monday, October 10, 2005

Smurf War Atrocities

This idea for a Belgian anti-war commercial by UNICEF and the family of the Smurf's creator 'Peyo' is as brilliant as it is freakin' disturbing. There's nothing that will jolt a person's consciousness like using a symbol of childhood happiness & innocence treated in a way that causes unease or even horror.

Cartoon characters' village bombed in anti-war TV commercial

Of course, we all know that it was that Capitalist, Zionist bastard Gargamel and his feline enforcer Azreal who bombed the Commie Smurfs for refusing to become his economic commodoties!!! Oh c'mon, you never heard the theory that "The Smurfs" was really an allegory about communism and capitalism? It's sooo crazy, it simply has to be true! Right?