Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Evolve TV

Evolve TV is a new site that (so far) has two great interviews by the web's most influential progressive bloggers. The interviews are broken up into segments you can view at your leisure.

Duncan Black, aka Atrios, of the widely-read blog Eschaton.com talks with Dr. Paul Myers regarding Evolution and Intelligent Design. Duncan was kind enough to post about Da Vinci's Challenge in exchange for designing a new Eschaton logo for his site. This is an insightful interview with excellent discussion covering many aspects and viewpoints of this topic.

I personally wish the very un-scientific term 'evolution' would be discarded in favor of 'natural selection', which is observable fact. Here are my views on this ridiculous 'controversy.' The fact that this issue is even getting a hearing in a Pennsylvania court is a goddamn national disgrace. We look like a nation of ignorant fools when it comes to matters of science vs. religion.

Also, Markos of DailyKos.com discusses topics regarding the Iraq Occupation and the Middle East in general with Dr. Juan Cole, a history professor and expert on Middle Eastern language, culture, and current events. Watching this interview is more informative than a year's worth of Fox News reports.