Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mystery Initiation

The initiate is placed in the psychic condition of a person at the moment of death, his consciousness withdrawn from externals, restricted to and focused upon his mind's internal content, which he is directed to explore and contemplate.

The person initiated begins to experience a force kindled within him, his true spirit. A new being has entered him and become active in his life. Forces slumbering within are awakened; he begins to experience inspiration from a Higher Source and feels the necessity to act in such a manner that he can share in the life of others. Spiritual transformation--re-birth--has occured, bringing about a change in that part of him that is open to "intuition," the voice of "the teacher within."

The Higher Mysteries

Esoteric Christianity

(Essays from the Metaphysical Section
of The New Enlightenment website)

There's a
Monkey Buddha
in all of us!
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