Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Star Wars Marathon

This past weekend, my sister Mandi & her husband Greg had a Star Wars Movie Marathon at their house. We watched all 6 movies in a row in a span of... 16 hours!!! There were a bunch of family & friends coming and going throughout the day, but us 3 and Mandi's friend Warren stuck out the whole saga.

We started Ep. I at 10AM and finished Return of the Jedi by 3AM the next morning. They had a projector hooked up to a laptop, and we used their large spare room as a mini-theater, with one entire wall as a screen. It made me not want to watch it on a regular TV! Both our family, Greg's family, and many of our friends are fans of the series, and this was an occasion we really enjoyed.

We were half-babbling burnouts by the last movie, but it was great to see the entire story play out at one time. The Emperor and Vader are just the best characters. Episode III, Revenge of the Sith is my favorite Star Wars movie, despite the cheesy love scenes & dialogue that even a 5 yr. old can make fun of. These movies are such a great source of entertainment and imagination, that things like ridiculously bad acting in a few scenes can be overlooked.

I actually predicted that Episode III was going to be called 'Revenge of the Sith' at least a couple years before the title was announced. I guessed it based on the names of the other prequels mirroring the original triology movies.
Don't believe me? I made this in 2002:

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