Saturday, November 19, 2005

Da Vinci's Challenge Articles

I am going to use this post to keep an ongoing record of all the print and web articles that mention or feature the Da Vinci's Challenge board game.
Rowan University Magazine
Micarelli's Game is Serious Business
2005 Holiday Guide - Get Smart! Toys for Kids

South Jersey Courier-Post
Are You Game?

2006 Toy Fair
Press for new Da Vinci's Challenge games

Washington Post
Da Vinci's Challenge - Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
Top 10 Mass Market Games of 2005
Top Toys of 2005Best Teen Toys
Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Games
2005 Mensa Winners
Da Vinci Code Games

Edplay Magazine
Top 10 Fabulous Products

Vineland Daily Journal
The Da Vinci Challenge

Calgary Sun
Oh the Games People Play!

The News Journal of Delaware
Toys Aren't All Fun & Games to This Mom

The Tennessean
Reap the Riches of Family Game Night

Top Toys of 2005 - Preteen

Family Fun Magazine
8 Great New Games for Families

Wikipedia Article
Da Vinci's Challenge

All Info
All Info About Da Vinci's Challenge

Board Game
Da Vinci's Challenge reviews

Bella Online - The Voice of Women
5-Star Review - Da Vinci's Challenge

Hall of Fame - Da Vinci's Challenge

Da Vinci's Challenge Review
Article by Tom Vasel

Rowan University News & Happenings
Classroom Project Becomes Award Winning Game

Toy Directory 2006 Preview
Da Vinci's Mancala
Da Vinci's Challenge Card Game

Boston Herald article (on WTOP website)
Marketer's Follow "Da Vinci" Success with Merchandise