Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ah Pook,The Destroyer, Is Here

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"When I become Death,
Death is the seed from which I grow."

Description from Zed Gallery:

"In the scattered remains of a burnt out cosmos, the last god, "AH POOK" debates with his alter ego the trembling balance between life and death. An animated stream of consciousness in Burroughs’s idiosyncratically mesmeric voice breaks delivers us a requiem for the carcasses of Armageddon, nihilistic ramblings of ‘the last god’ searching for meaning in his universe, and finally a bitter manifesto of enlightenment, and liberation."

This is a very strange animated narration that works on a level that really defies rational understanding. It is like a dark Zen riddle that causes you to look into the very nature of Life, Death, the Cosmos, and the Human Experience. It is a puzzle that cannot be solved, only pondered.

We are usually so busy dealing with the trivialities of primitive human existence such as war, relationships, politics, and entertainment, that the huge questions and dangers staring us in our collective face often end up going unnoticed. This video, for me, touches on that base instinct that our relatively fragile world could be obliterated at any moment. Ah Puch, the God of Death, is always here, but without it, the World of Life could not exist.

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