Sunday, March 25, 2007

UPC Barcodes: Mark of the Beast?!?

"God-fearing Villagers Snub 'Satanic' Bar Codes"

"Satanic bar codes?!?"Although it might sound wacky, there is actually some truth to what these villagers are saying...
Every standard barcode has the bar pattern for the number "6" in the front, middle, and end of every sequence, as place-holders. Therefore... every single barcode used in commerce contains the infamous "Mark of the Beast": 666. Fun stuff, huh?

See the example below, showing the bar pattern for '6' (blue) and it's appearance as placeholders (in red).
Click on the graphic for a website that explains it further:

Even though I generally don't take the Bible (& especially Revelations) literally, this is one of those things that is hard to believe is just a coincidence. If anything, it seems that the people in the grocery industry that created the UPC system were very cynical or just not paying attention to the consequences of their system.

The problem is, all of the biblical-minded people worried about the "End Times," the Anti-Christ, and the Beast do not realize that it is already too late. We carry items with marks needed to purchase goods in the belly of the 'Beast', which is the devouring monster of global capitalism. We are are part of the 'System' and therefore slaves to it, no matter how much we try to deny it or pretend that we have some degree of freedom.

With such technologies as RFID chips and mind-reading devices on the way, there is a real possibility that things will get even more complicated before long.

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