Tuesday, April 10, 2007

America: 33% Brain Dead

A survey on internet use in the United States confirms my theory,
originally based on the approval rating of The War Monkey,
that about 1/3 of the current American population
is functionally retarded.

Proof positive in this CNN article:
"Survey: Many Americans see Little Point to Web"

"A little under one-third of U.S. households have no Internet access
and do not plan to get it,
with most of the holdouts seeing little use for it in their lives,

according to a survey released Friday."

America's "33 Percenters":
Super-Patriotic?... or Super-F*cking-Crazy?

1 comment:

Widow's Son said...

Certainly this is proof of the Law of Thirds in action.

Law of Thirds = No matter what you do, 1/3 of the people will agree, 1/3 will disagree, and 1/3 won't give a damn.

Widow's Son