Saturday, April 07, 2007

Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

With all the conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 being debated,
it was inevitable that questions would be raised about another event that occurred under questionable circumstances...

"Uncomfortable Questions:
Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?"

I thought this was really funny and some of the points show how obvious absurdities even slip into a story with such well thought out continuity as Star Wars.

My favorite question regarded the "Magic Missile Theory":

6) Nerf-Herders defy the laws of physics?
...How did the missile make a right angle turn after entering the exhaust port? How could a missile shot in the vacuum of space–that would tend to keep going in the same direction as it was released, according to the laws of physics–be *sucked* into an *exhaust* pipe? "Exhaust" means to exhale or blow out... Wouldn’t the missiles have been blown awry of their target rather than sucked in? If it had been an intake pipe, then the “bending” path of the missiles could be plausible. Why have these discrepancies never been investigated, let alone explained?

There is some pretty damning visual evidence, as well...

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