Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Panspermia: Life from the Heavens?

Scientific American:
I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about meteors (also known as shooting stars), pieces of cosmic debris that can range from the size of a speck of dust to the size of a boulder.

The show touched on a theory that I have heard before called "Panspermia." Essentially, the theory is that microbial life can survive and be transported through space on meteoroids. Certain bacteria and fungus spores have been proven tough enough to survive the vacuum & temperature extremes of outer space.

As they were discussing this, they showed a video of a meteor approaching Earth, and I saw a fascinating fractal visual relationship to microscopic images of human fertilization that I've seen.

Another physical explanation for the generation of life is the primal energy of lightning fusing molecules into complex forms that result in rudimentary, yet energetic and self-replicating processes known as life.

The similarity of form between all 3 destructively creative events is evident in their profound simplicity, the merging of the two most basic forms recognized by human consiousness... the line and circle:

I remember a different show I was watching about early Christianity, and on an ancient stone wall they had drawn a Vesica Piscis in the form of the 'Jesus Fish' and a Cross. I realized that Christianity had two of the most powerful symbols known to man. Here again, symbolically, are the merging of the basic forms of the circle and the line, which are the essence of our mind's visual organization:

Template for the Flower of Life,
the metaphor for the self-replicating nature of living things,
containing the secret of the 'Jesus Fish' in red.

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