Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Diamond-Encrusted Platinum Skull

No, it's not the severed & skinned head of Paris Hilton...'s what is being called the most expensive piece of contemporary art. With a multi-faceted name, "For the Love of God" by Damien Hirst is a platinum cast of an 18th century skull. It has been covered with 8,601 flawless diamonds to create a thought-provoking work of stunning contrasts;
macabre vs. glitzy
impermanence vs. durability
biological carbon vs. crystallized carbon
worthlessness vs. pricelessness
Links:, Financial Times,

Of course, this mere decoration is powerless compared to the unfathomable cosmic powers of the Mayan Crystal Skulls! ...or is it?

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hoi polloi said...

This is funny :)