Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mayan Art Links

I've found some cool sites about the art one of the most fascinating ancient cultures - the Maya, of what is now Yucatan Mexico and the surrounding region. Although they suffered from the same tendency to institutionalized violence as any other large & imperial society, they were also creators of written language, art, and science that was pretty sophisticated. However, the Mayan style was so unique, creative, and alien that I wonder how much of it was influenced by Teonanácatl, the ancient sacrament known as 'The Flesh of the Gods'.

This link has zoomable images of sculpture & carving:
National Gallery of Art: Courtly Art of the Mayans

The link to A Masterpiece Revealed on the following page has an awesome interactive tour of a 2,000 year old mural uncovered in San Bartolo, Guatemala. It is a great feature that really helps give context & meaning to art that can be initially very confusing to look at for someone unfamiliar with the style.
NOVA scienceNOW: Maya

Here are some pages from Mesa Community College website that are very informative and have further links to explore:
K'ul Ahaw - Divine Lords and Shamans of the Forests
Main Mayan Studies Page

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