Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Top 3 Reasons I'm Not Getting an iPhone

There are only 3 reasons that I'm not getting the iPhone, which is a revolutionary piece of technology. I would be a filthy liar if I said I didn't really, really want one.
However, to keep myself from an expensive impulse buy, I'm telling myself....

3. I'd rather have a better version w/ initial bugs worked out.

2. $500

1. I don't want to switch my carrier to AT&T

I will probably wait until my current phone contract is up & see what the deal is. Apple is going to have to get on board with other carriers eventually. If Verizon & Apple sign a deal in the near future, I may well end up at least $500 poorer.

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fmcculley said...

I will add to this list three more:

1. I need a bigger hard drive if I am to replace my regular iPod.

2. I need a higher resolution camera if I am to replace my camera.

3. I need a bigger screen if I am to replace my computer.

I really do want one electronic gadget that will replace all the other gadgets in my life.