Friday, April 18, 2008

Great Women in US Elections

It's hard to find someone whose folly approaches the legendary status of 2004 Bush supporter Pat Peale. She is the nitwit that's remembered (probably by nobody except me) for wearing a Purple Heart Band-aid mocking John Kerry at the GOP convention.

Being a moron in that big ol' ship of fools was understandable.

Unfortunately, ABC found the Democratic counterpart to the lovely Ms. Peale. Thanks to the power of the Internets, saying something incredibly retarded on TV freezes your foolishness in time forever. Therefore, Nash McCabe will be forever remembered as the "Flag Pin Lady" because of her profoundly idiotic question to Barack Obama about if he loves the flag.

Obama (like 99.9 percent of Americans) has the nerve not wear some crappy, imported lapel pin of an abstract symbol representing an abstract concept - the flag of the United States.

This was by far the worst moment of ABC's disaster of a debate on Wed. night.

I'm sure Mrs. McCabe is a fine person, but posing a question of that level of mind-numbing stupidity is bound to attract the ire of thinking people everywhere.

She has done the country a positive service, though, by showing that this type of childish thinking is not acceptable in serious discourse concerning the issues of the nation.

Of course, ABC's producers are a bunch of jackasses for allowing this garbage to enter the debate.

"Mr. Obama,
Why did you send those bad terrorists
to attack America on 9/11?!?"

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