Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing the "iThink"

I love Apple computers.

Besides providing modern necessities such as internet & email, the computer is pretty much my sole source of creative output. I started using Macs in my college design classes & was glad to be rid of Windows from my life after growing up with DOS & Windows 3.0.

As a senior, one of my semester projects was to design a computer of the future & relevant promo materials. Mine was basically a powerful handheld device with a wireless keyboard and an eye piece for a screen.

Since then, there's been alot of talk about what will happen when the creeping advance of digital technology begins to directly permeate our consciousness. We already have bionic body parts, brain implants, mind-interaction software, primitive AI, and all kinds of other that are signs of the continuing fusion between man and machine.

This also got me thinking about the inevitable augmentation of human experience through computers that will link directly to our conscious thoughts. This web is already being interwoven, so to speak, and there is speculation that some sort of super-consciousness could result. This idea has been given labels such as the Hive Mind, The Singularity, The End of Novelty, etc.

My Dad always jokes that one day, people are just going to be white blobs hooked up to all kinds of computers & electronics. I'd been thinking about the possibility of microchips being implanted that were essentially computers connecting to our brains. I wondered how my favorite brand, Apple, would exist in such circumstances.

That's when I thought up the "iThink":

"The most revolutionary computer in history,
iThink allows you to interact with
unlimited information, virtual imagery & sound,
and even immersive environments,
all within your mind!"

click for larger image (1900x1200)

It's taken me awhile to actually finish these graphics due to procrastination & the interference of life in general. I've been running it around in my head for awhile, though. Anyway, this was just a fun project for me. This all might seem incredibly geeky, but I think it's a pretty intriguing concept that illustrates real possibilities.

We have to ask ourselves what a human being's mental experience will be like when we get to this point. Will we be able to close our eyes and create an environment like a holodeck inside our own headspace? How will we control the data streams and imagery that will be flooding our perceptions? Will any outside source be able to hack into our brains? Will there be different classes of people according to whether they are 'natural' or 'cyber'?

There are millions of questions that only time will answer. For now, we can only imagine how a product like the "iThink" would affect mankind.

In addition to the poster above, I also created a spec sheet to resemble those used for Apple's existing products. Scroll down for text of the tech details...

click for larger image (1900x1200)

iThink Technical Specifications

• Size:

1.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches

• Symbiosis™ Neural Interface:
Direct brain-computer link means your mind and computer are one!

• Intel Fusion™ Quantum Processing:
Uses the power of the atom to instantly compute at the speed of thought.

• Holographic Data Storage:
The iThink’s tiny internal holochip has a staggering individual capacity of over 666 Yottabytes (1000^8), for seemingly infinite augmented memory

• Intra-neural Communication:
Mentally allow or block any kind of signal you want to send or recieve instantly over the wireless iThink global network

• Perceptual Immersion:
Images, sound, & other data are projected virtually into your sensory fields by directly connecting into your brain’s activity

• Integrated GPS and Google Earth:
Receive directions and location information anywhere on the planet, and the ability to be located in case of an emergency


Queen Rosebud said...

Wow! Very cool thought experiment and the graphics are very professional! I almost thought it was real, and hope & fear the day it will be.

Tor I. Pettersen said...

Awesome concept art! Great work indeed.

Now imagine how WoW (or rather, the most popular reality-game available) will be at this point.

I mean, it's coming, there's no doubt about it. A few years ago we made electronic retinae that were able to communicate "light" or "dark" directly to the nerves in the brain. IE: 1 pixel. Early last year we were up to 60 pixels.

Another thing I'm wondering is how we'll interact, quite possibly a lot will be purely mental. They're already making several consumer grade controller devices that do this. But I think the keyboard, in a form, will survive for some time yet. The "Body Coupled FingeRing"
http://www.sigchi.org/chi97/proceedings/paper/fkm.htm is one good concept, and since that paper was written we've got sensors that communicate wirelessly through skin alone (more medical tech), etc.

Someone could probably make a pretty cool product now. Would take a while to learn, but *way* better for mobile communication than cell phone keyboards etc.
At least way faster, possibly even than "normal" when you've learned it. Just wear 5 rings of your favorite design on one or both hands, and tap away.

Getting a little sidetracked, but there are so many cool products on the way.

Installing a plug like this is probably going to be the most popular surgical procedure in retirement homes in some years.
You can be young again.

How many? I can't say. But honestly I hope it's soon, even if we "lose" a few hundred million people to direct sensory input gaming ;-)

Oh, and my page is http://soulhaven.net - I know there's not a lot there, but that should be changing now.

I Love Food said...

I really enjoyed the graphics! Good job! Your concept reminds me of a book I recently read, "Feed" by M.T. Anderson. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feed_(novel)

It is a great book that explores the idea of having a chip in our brain, much like the way you describe iThink. If anyone finds iThink an interesting concept, go read the book.

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Unbelievable but a very cool concept!! Thanks

gazeteler said...

Thanks so much.. This makes my week.

lezbiyen said...

Creation means progress! Nice work!

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Nielo-TM said...

Personally I can wait for a fully functional BCI.

Excellent concept and hopefully I'll be able to buy one in the next 40 years or so.

Anonymous said...

Why is this noted as over "666 Yottabytes" tis the work of the devil I tell you, THE DEVIL, DENY THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Apple will be the harbinger of the ANIT CRHIST!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is amazing! Great job and work up! One of these days... I think something like this could happen. Scary! ;)

Jester said...

I like how you snuck the mark of the beast in there.

Lg Customer said...

Jester really said truth!

Darouet Le Jeune said...

Will be real. Non fiction science. Our mind could be modified with those elctronic components.

Kacper said...

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