Saturday, July 26, 2008

Larsen Lake Ice House

My previous post about "The Legend of Larsen Lake" was a little lengthy, so I decided to create a separate post about the mystery of the abandoned Ice House on the lake.

All we knew about the old building was that it was used to store ice harvested from the frozen lake. Huge ice blocks were stored all year to load onto trains that passed on the nearby tracks. This ice was then transported up & down the East Coast states for various uses in the days before mechanical refrigeration.

The only other thing I found out about the building is that it is haunted by local cursed souls that are trapped inside, including The Kid in the Red Shirt.

I tried to search the words that were inscribed on the marble block inlaid in the brick wall:

S.G.& W. Co.
W.W. Scranton Prest.

The only reference I found was here:
Erie: Haines Junction

I have some of the photos I took of this neat spot below the links.

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